Botswana is, and I think we can all agree, one of the most unique and special places to view wildlife. A place that gives us insight into how animals behaved, migrated and survived before man interfered, a rare sight into history.

Botswana is also most well known for the Okavango Delta with its gentle stream of water flowing down from the north into the Okavango panhandle. Water brings teaming wildlife bathing in freshwater, fresh sprouts of grass filled with nutrients and moisture, and enough drinking water to sustain so many during the winter months.

But, there is another gem in the heart of the country – the Kalahari Desert. A dust-covered landscape that has more life than would we expected. It truly creates an experience like no other. Going days without seeing another person allows you to experience the vastness of the wilderness, stargazing in the cool evenings admiring the crackling fire is the best way to take in the beauty of the Milky Way, all that makes the Kalahari uniquely special.

The open salt pans house the historically well known Baines Baobabs, 6000-year-old Baobab trees that were first painted in the late 1800s, the black-manned lions start to roar in the distance, as they establish their dominance, send shivers down your spine as your body vibrates from excitement and to see take a moment to appreciate the smaller cats of the desert and other unique creatures such as the Honey Badger, the animal with the most bravery, heart and courage found in the desert – the only one brave enough to take on a lion and walk away, a winner. The shyer, smaller cousin of the Spotted Hyaena, the Brown Hyaena and the cat so quiet that ground birds have no idea of their presence until it’s too late, the Caracal – most known for their astonishing leap into the air to catch fleeing birds.

Create your own unique experience where you choose where you want to explore when you want with your own tailor-made safari that allows you to access the ins and outs of the Kalahari desert, to experience the open salt pans that are known for

their ancient trees and to see the zebra all fall in line as they drink from the water’s edge, capturing the perfect shot for any traveller and photographer.