Night drives in Botswana provide for some of the most dramatic and unusual sightings, and
although not offered in national parks or game reserves there is a unique experience for
this in Khwai community concession area which is preserved and maintained by the local

Highlights of a Botswana Night Game Drive
◦ Dramatic animal interaction
◦ Seeing animals that would otherwise not be seen
◦ Stopping in the bush under the stars
◦ Chance of seeing hunting predators

Ancient Fears in the African Night:

Nighttime in the African bush is a time when our ancient fears rise to the surface leaving
you with a feeling of uncertainty, a time when our instincts shudder to the thought of when
we were part of the natural world and were considered easy prey to the predator,
however today we can, fortunately, experience the dramas of the night from the safety of
a safari vehicle with an experienced guide.

A night drive in Botswana is a thrilling experience every guest should have when visiting
the delta, the opportunity to view a kill whilst on a night drive in the wilderness is always a
bonus, however, night drives are mostly an opportunity to see animals that are rarely seen
during the day such as porcupines, civets, genets, and a host of bats and nocturnal birds.
There is also the feeling of wonder when stopping somewhere in the bush, switching off
the engine and listening to the sounds of the night whilst admiring the stars of the African